A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Sunday, January 12, 2014

playing 'catch up'

November wasn't very busy around here. nothing major planned, aside from thanksgiving, but with the stuff we DO have planned, that is just a break in the madness. here's how we spent November:

There were many times we spent at the table doing 'art'. They like to make pictures for people, but mostly, they end up as clutter on my counter. Brynlee likes paper and scribbling. She is getting better and drawing circles and lines, but mostly ending in big blobs of color. Fletcher is really starting to make identifiable pictures. Most are of our family, but it is pretty neat to see how he interprets each of us in his drawings.

It snowed. Kind of. The kids were excited. I was not. However, it was minimal so I dealt with it. 
 Adam and Fletcher made some deer jerky from the meat we got earlier in the year. When it comes to helping, Fletcher is right there. He's not a great helper yet, but he sure tries. Sometimes, more often than not, he's in the way, but it means a lot to him to 'be involved'.

Gus made an early visit. There were two children who were behaving terribly, so I thought it would be best if Santa sent our elf early. They straightened up, slighly and were threatened on a weekly basis that there would be NO Christmas if they continued on like they were. It kind of worked.
 My brother and his family came down from Minnesota this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have no pictures of the feast my parents prepared, but I do have these to shots of our crazy, line waiting experience to get some cheap deals at the Pre-Black Friday sales. And that line at Target was just starting to enter as we were approaching. The line went all the way around the building and then stretched out along one side of the mall. We hopped in where there was a gap and got in with no problem. My brother got the Ipads he was after and my SIL and I had no problem choosing from a large selections of items we were after.

 My mom took my kids and my niece (and me) to Disney on Ice. The show included scenes from Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. The kids liked it, I wasn't impressed though. I've seen much better shows put on. They get to go again in February as a birthday gift from their Aunt Lindsey...but it's a surprise.

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