A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Sunday, July 19, 2015

2014, April-December

Many things, good and not so happy, have happened in our lives. Last updated was about a year ago, and I stopped because I didn't want to revisit the month of April, but here you have it. Finally. Thanks to a friendly Facebook nudge from a friend. 

We took possession of our new home on April 4th. It's everything I dreamed of and more. Not really, but it's a nice change that I was, and still am looking forward to making my own. 

Fletcher turned 5 years old. Please stop growing son. 
We got baby chicks and celebrated Easter at my parents' house with cousins.

My family lost someone who meant more than words can express. On the 28th, at about 7:40 in the morning, my niece Camryn, gained her angel wings. She was so brave and gave a good fight for over 3 years, but her little body was done fighting and she left us. She had the best smile. 

Fletcher went on his first 'real' hunting experience with my dad. They got this tom and Fletcher was so excited. 

Toward the end of the month, Fletcher her graduated from preschool. Apparently, he wants to be veterinarian when he gets older.  

On the 27th, Camryn's school had a blood drive fundraiser and tree dedication in her memory. 

Fletcher played his first team sport. He improved throughout the month, but still has a ways to go. 

Brynlee got her first little girl manicure. It lasted about a day before she picked all the polish off. 

The rest of the month was spent playing outside, tending to the chickens and the garden or just simply hanging out.

Fletcher lost his first tooth. 

We celebrated 'Camryn's 3rd annual Christmas in July.' Because of the happenings a few months prior, this was the biggest it has been. My sister and Paul did interviews with numerous TV stations, and the event was made available to the public. There were so many donations, that they needed to rent a uhaul to transport them to the hospital. I'd say that was a good problem. So many kids, like Camryn, did or will benefit from such a great event. 

Both kids had swim lessons and did well. 

We hung out with cousins at the zoo. A favorite activity. 

Adam and I had LASIK eye surgery. We rocked our shades for a few days because of the sensitivity, but we are so, extremely happy with the results. I do miss my glasses on occasion though. 

Adam and I also worked at the state fair again. He worked the main grandstand concerts and I worked on one of the free stages that had many country acts perform. I got to meet a few of the performers- a perk of having the job. 

Fletcher started kindergarten. 

Brynlee started preschool, two days a week.  

We went on a family vacation to Kansas City. We visited Schlitterbahn waterpark and then stayed the night at a hotel, which was just as exciting to the kids as the waterpark. On our way back home, we detoured to Des Moines and caught and I cubs baseball game. 

Nothing too exciting happened this month. Just hung out, doing what needed to be done. 

Fletcher played soccer. He was actually pretty good at it, considering he's never seen or played it before. 

I worked at an apple orchard/pumpkin patch a few different weekends and one of the weekends I didn't work, we made a visit, along with grandma, cousins and aunt judy. 

We celebrated Halloween by carving pumpkins and trick or treating. 

We celebrated the Princess's 8th birthday. Only thing missing... 

I celebrated my 35th birthday. I'm finally accepting that I'm 'thirty-something'. 

We decorated for Christmas, enjoyed some seasonal events and activities and celebrated Christmas with our families. 

And then, just like that, the year was over and we were looking forward to newer, happier things in our lives. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

March 2014

We had a lot of little and BIG things happen in March. We finished packing up our house in Nevada for our move to Albia. Since we weren't able to get into the new house, we stayed with Adam's parents for 6 weeks and had all of our stuff in storage in one of the buildings at the new place. 
Fletcher had his last day of school in Nevada and started his first day in Albia. He was so brave going to a new school. I was a wreck though. I hated how there was so little information from his new teachers. I think I was spoiled with the relationship that I had made with his former teachers, that I was looking for an I stand replacement. It never happened, but things did get better. He made lots of friends and he even had a girlfriend by the end of his first week there. 

The leprechaun showed up and left a mess in the bathroom and trail of gold outside. We also had Fletcher's spring break, which definitely did not feel like spring. 

We did a lot of back and forth with documents regarding both houses. We were making arrangements for other documents and files to get transferred from Nevada/Ames to Albia. Appointments were canceled and then made in Albia. I've moved before, but with a family, it is so much more nerve racking. It is definitely something I do not want to do anytime in the future. So, by the end of the month, we were residence of Albia and getting closer to taking possession of our new house. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

February 2014

From the beginning of the month, I was testing out donut recipes and making valentines. I knew what I wanted Fletcher's valentines to be way back in November (thank you Pinterest), but I needed to plan ahead so he could write his name on all of them. The kid hates writing his name and it would have taken him all day to write it 20 times, so two valentines a day is what we did. Also, thanks to Pinterest, I had a basic 'donut' birthday party planned for Brynlee's #3, but I needed to figure out what flavors would go over best and I needed to use the pans and maker so I new how much batter to use. We ate a lot of donuts the first two weeks of February. 

The seven kinds of donuts, fruit and yogurt went over great. I thought I was going to be eating them for the next few months, but there were only a dozen or so left. A friend (farmgirl chaos) made the delish cupcakes with the mini red velvet do it as a topper. They were a favorite of the birthday girl. She had a wonderful turnout of family and friends to help her celebrate her birthday. 

The snow was finally wet enough to build a fort and a snowman. Before February, all the snowfalls were fluffy, powder-like snow. Brynlee actually enjoyed the snow this year and Fletcher finally got the point of a snowball. We had some good fights. 

This girl was officially potty trained the week after her birthday. Thanks to Nana, I didn't have to endure the pain of potty training again.