A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

big boy!

it's been over a month that this little guy has been potty trained. the first time i attempted, i read the books and i followed what they said. i made sure to do it over the weekend so i had adam to assist in the task. the first morning, we talked it up. undies. potty. snacks and juice. we set the timer. we watched movies. we read books. all little boy wanted was his daddy to take him on the potty. this was not going to work with a mommy who stays home with him 5 days out of the week. the weekend went well, aside from only wanting daddy and a few accidents. monday came and i was frustrated. he didn't want to go potty when the timer went off. he had too many accidents in one day and i was dealing with a sick baby and daycare boy...I GAVE UP!!!!

adam came home that monday night and i think he was disappointed in me. i had to tell him my side and what i wanted to do was the best choice for me and that's all that mattered.

deep down, i was disappointed in myself and i knew that little boy could do it, i just had to have patience. or more than i was showing anyway. the next two weeks he got to decide when he wanted to go on the potty and whether he wore a diaper or undies that day. there was no pushing one way or another by me...it was all his decision. throughout those two weeks, i discovered that when i attempted the first time, i was making him go potty more than he really needed to. it wasn't him deciding, it was me. his body was letting him know how full his bladder could be, before he needed to go. with the discovery, i thought i would go for it again.

one morning when i was getting little boy dressed for the day, i told him that he got to wear undies that day and made it a super, big deal. i reminded him that they needed to stay dry and that he needed to tell me when he had to go potty. i asked him every once in awhile and made him check to see if his undies were still try. about every two hours he would go potty...much longer span than the every 30 minutes the first go-around. after a lot of praise and very few accidents, i claimed little boy potty trained after four days. i still put a pull-up on him at nap and at bedtime, but he was doing super. we even left the house with him in undies. that there says a lot.

at this point, he has very few accidents, and when he does, it's usually because of me (not remembering to send him potty before we leave the house, or him being too busy playing with friends outside). he doesn't wear a pull-up at naptime anymore and he usually wakes up dry in the mornings. he goes on his own now and the only times he lets us know is if we are outside or if he needs help opening a door to get to the bathroom. he never had a problem going poo in the pot, which i'm thankful of. i always hear stories that that is the hardest part of potty training.  he is very helpful and thinks he needs to dump his pot and wipe his bum if i'm not around. i'm glad he's willing to do both of those things, however, the little mess usually becomes a big mess when he wants to be helpful.

i'm way overdue with this update, but i'm super proud of my little man. so glad we have tackled that potty.

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