A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Sunday, January 12, 2014

December catch up

The first was still part of Thanksgiving weekend, and since my brother and his family were in town, my sister organized an outing to a local hockey game. It wasn't 'beer for a buck' day, but we all had a good time.

Adam got all the Christmas stuff from the storage unit so the kids and I could decorate. I like my tree the way I want it, so little people that want to help really gives me anxiety. I do allow them to help, only after finding the right place for the ornament I pick out for them to put on the tree. I may be guilty of moving ornaments they put on, after they have 'left the area'. I think I get that characteristic from my father, who I'm told i act a lot like. 

My birthday was celebrated at Old Chicago (did you think we would go anywhere else?). It was much better than last year. Instead of getting dessert at OC, Adam wanted to make one of his specialties for me, peanut butter rice krispie treats. He whipped up a batch when we got home and I got to blow out a candle. Really, it was just another day, but more focused on me. That was nice.
The kids and I spent the first weekend of the month at my mom and dad's house. Adam and my dad were both hunting, so I kept my sanity by having my mom's assistance for four days. 

We played in the snow. So far this winter, all of our snows have been light, fluffy, dry stuff, which makes it hard to make a snowman or any other creation. However, it was perfect for some snow angels. 

We had an impromptu family photo session, thanks to my friend Nicole. 
I took the kids to see Santa at bass pro shop. I went during the week, right when Santa come out for 'work' so I could avoid the line. Best Santa experience yet. Because there was no line, my kids got extra time to talk to the big guy and I didn't feel rushed trying to get a good picture of them. We all won on that visit. 

Christmas means traditions. I made sugar cookies and all those candies that you're suppose to make. I cut it back a lot this year. In addition to the cookies, I made pecan clusters from caramels my mom made, Oreo balls and a new recipe, peanut butter cups (my new favorite). 

There was lots of gift opening. We had Adam's mom's Christmas the Saturday before Christmas Day. We did Mick Christmas on Christmas Eve, with pops and nana's before that. And on Christmas morning, we headed to my parents' house to celebrate. 

Since we hadn't experienced Santa yet, we left Des Moines around 6pm so we could get home to see what was left. And to do our immediate family gift opening. The spread was nice. The kids loved what was left and they enjoyed their other gifts. There had been lots of game playing and picture coloring the last few weeks. And lots of Lego picking up too. 

This also happened. More about the packed suitcase in a later post. 

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