A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Road Trippin'. Day 2

Yesterday evening, we stopped in Joplin, MO for gas and to grab a bite to eat. I had never been to red hot & blue, so that's what we had. Good stuff. 

After we had been on our way for about an hour, I decided to get on Facebook to document our latest stop, when I can across a weather post that mentioned tornado warnings and sever thunderstorms for Tulsa and surrounding areas. That was exactly the direction we were headed. Adam pretended he was speed racer as we listened to a local radio station mention counties and times, all while im searching to see what towns are in those counties to see if it was where we were headed. The last two hours were not really how I had our trip planned. All ended well for us. We made it south of Tulsa for the night and had a nice cozy hotel room to unwind in. 

This morning we had breakfast and completed the last four hours of our drive. Today was not enjoyable. Are we in Oklahoma? Where's the GTO place? Those questions and the complaints (scream) for the Lorax did me in. 

We did make it to our destination, but only after we ate lunch at Chop House Burgers. I have a thing about food when I travel, and Adam and I like to try and find places that have been featured on food network or that we don't have widely available at home. This particular place was on diners drive-ins and dives. Good food. Fun order names. But messy tables. I'll give them some slack since it was busy, good thing I had some baby wipes in my purse though. 

We made it to the location of the power tour, which was being held at the university of Texas- Arlington, which just so happened to be a few short miles away. We parked our 'hot rod' next Adam's dad's GTO, then we made our way in to the vendors and entertainment stage. We got our cards signed and collected a handful of free stuff. We had rain off and on all day and when we got there, the sun was out and extremely hot and humid. Normally not a big deal, but with the lack of sun we've seen in Iowa, I haven't been able to build my tolerance. Anyway, I got some sun on my pasty white arms today. 

                        (my free hat) 

The kids were lacking a good nap and were getting cranky, so we left for the hotel. I would have liked to have taken them swimming, but it was shortly after 8:00 when we got done eating. Hopefully tomorrow since its a rather short drive to Texarkana, AR. 

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