A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

santa came early

since we were going to be away from home on christmas eve/christmas day, adam and i decided to have santa arrive a few days early. i was pretty stoked about this and couldn't wait to see the kids' faces. i had to run to wal-mart and get a few last minute stocking stuffers and a much needed gift for myself and adam.
we put fletcher to bed and then got to work. adam needed to put fletcher's tool bench together, so he did that while i put everything out. baby girl was still awake, so she got to witness santa and mrs. claus first hand. this was the set-up and what fletcher got to see when he came to the livingroom the next morning.
when fletcher wakes up in the mornings he comes to our room, so we weren't worried about missing the look on his face when he saw what santa brought. when he did, adam got his diaper changed while i got the camera ready and headed to the livingroom. i think he was thrilled. and baby girl liked her first real doll and the diamonds she got.

after we played with santa gifts and went through stockings, we took a break and ate breakfast. nothing special, just french toast sticks and bananas. i had a friend stop by and then we got to business with the remaining presents. fletcher passed them out and insisted that they were all for him. he kinda got mad when we told him that they weren't. if you can believe it, fletcher was the first done with opening and even was so kind to help his sister open hers. adam and i were last, since the kids didn't really care what we got each other.
the start of a tradition

passing out the goods

"ma, it me" translation for "mom, it's mine"


she knows how to attack

so inquisitive

good-bye mom body, hello college girl
after we opened gifts is about the time that adam started feeling sick. perfect timing if you ask me...do you see the mess behind me? he went to bed while i tamed two overly excited munchkins and cleaned up after the tornado that went through our livingroom. his bout with the flu delayed us from going to albia that afternoon, so everything was postponed, even the last minute things i had planned to do without kids. 
*stay tuned for 'christmas day', tomorrow*

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