A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas day

christmas morning we woke up and relaxed a bit before got our things together to leave. aunt lindsey made cinnamon rolls and the kids played with their toys they got the day before. 
cleaning out the dish towel drawer

a friendly game of peek-a-boo

our first stop was next door at my grandparents' house. they were making brunch when we arrived and it smelled so good that i would have loved to have stayed and eat, but by this time, we were on a schedule and we needed to make our stop quick. b stayed in her seat while everyone made silly faces at her and acted ridiculous and fletcher and ggpa mcd were in the livingroom having fun. fletcher was playing with baby jesus from the nativity set my grandma puts out and i did the explanation to a 2yr old that it was his birthday...blah, blah, blah...he didn't get anything i was saying...maybe next year. we said good-bye and merry christmas and then we headed to benton place to see adam's grandpa before we left for des moines.

'serious people, grow up'
happy birthday baby jesus

ggpa and fletch

ggma wanted a massage on her bum

we arrived just about lunchtime at my parents' place, but before everyone else. we got the table set and then my sister and her crew started showing up. we did lunch, cleaned and then opened gifts. the four littlest and the three biggest (the dads) needed naps...all for different reasons, so that left for some chatting for the ladies. around 6pm, my friend beth showed up, three hours after she had planned to arrive (her early plans were messed up which screwed with her day) and we did gifts again with her. the men once again disappeared to the basement and the littles roamed the house as the ladies chatted and drank some cocktails. we finally said good-bye around 11pm and then quickly got ready for bed and were fast asleep. it was a very fun day full of memories: camryn being healthy, b's first christmas, my dad's banjo he's always wanted, and a handful of other small things, but all equally memory worthy. hope everyone had a wonderful christmas.
jackovich family tradition: littles by the tree

alexis in her ugly christmas sweater and chase 

a little assistance from daddy

excited about his tools

camryn waiting patiently. her mom told her she had to be last because she was being naughty.

half of the gift openers

codi getting assistance from her daddy

taking it all in

ashlyn and her boy toy trevor.

dad and his banjo. he was totally surprised.

hey kid, look at the camera

my sista with chunk and cam
so, that's the recap of our christmas' this year. losts of fun. lots of presents. lots of memories. lots of love.

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