A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

no baby...yet!

we went to the doctor on friday. the longest wait ever for a friday appointment. when the nurse called me back, she informed me there were 4 babies born so far and that was the cause for the delay. i thought it would be rude to tell her that i didn't really care, so i just shook my head and said, "oh, wow!" back to my appointment: i got swabbed...and checked. the news: 2.5cm dilated and 50% effaced. i think this little lady is going to be here before her due date...fingers crossed. after the appointment, my wonderful husband was going to take us out for dinner...i kinda really wanted red lobster, but during the waiting, little boy became a crabass so we changed our plans...LJS instead. we went through the drive-thru and ordered. the person on the other end informed us they were out of fish...WHAT?!?!? apparently, with the weather earlier in the week, the truck wasn't able to make it. we left and went to KFC. not really what i wanted, but it did the job...kinda.

saturday i went to des moines for a little valentine's gift for myself. i had to pick up a bottle of perfume from my mary kay lady...while i was there, i deposited a few checks (mk lady just so happens to work at the bank). rather than just heading to 'the city' for those two things, i went to babies r us to trade in an OLD carseat that had been given to us. i purchased a new one for fletcher since he is getting a bit tall for the convertible he was in. have i ever mentioned to you that i love babies r us runs? well i do...just not on saturday mornings. seriously, every pregnant woman, her mother and baby daddy were there. not sure why i do that to myself. since i was in the area, i stopped by my sister's house to pick up the chair they were giving us for the kids' room. while i was there, i had to play with the babies and chat with camryn. she had just gotten out of the hospital on friday afternoon and she was acting pretty good. she wasn't too excited about taking her medicine, but when the wiggles came on, she was all about dancing. the kid seriously cracks me up...with all she's been through, i have no idea where she stores the energy. i came home, only to do a little more cleaning and organizing.

sunday was not very exciting. we sat around all day. a few loads of laundry were washed and dried...not so much folded and a few shelves were hung...with a few choice words from my husband. adam made some pre-game appetizers for the three of us. we ate, lounged and watched tv/the game. bed by 10 and an early monday morning...the end.

i go to the doctor again tomorrow. we'll see if anything has changed. maybe another mini-update on thursday.

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