A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, February 10, 2011

still waiting

yesterday was the 37 week mark. yo is officially considered full-term and the size of swiss chard (whatever that is). we went to the doctor yesterday. 3.5cm and 70%...i consider that a big jump from my appointment on friday. she told me that we could have a baby in the next week and a half...my fingers are crossed. her words, "you shouldn't dottle because i think you'll go quick once you start having regular contractions. we don't want your husband to deliver the baby on the way to the hospital." she chuckled...i had a huge grin on my face (you know, from the thought of having a quick labor.) she did tell me that if she sees me next week and i'm dilated to 5cm, she would just send me to the hospital...i guess adam should go with me in case that happens.

adam read my blog posts from the last week and DID mention getting the external hard drive...still hasn't showed up yet, but his comment was positive. at least it's kinda on his mind. until it arrives in my house...no pictures on posts...sorry. blame him. and in the conversation we had about this hard drive, he did mention that he doesn't like to be blamed for things...but he's getting the blame on this because I KNOW i wouldn't get the right thing.

fletcher has been kinda mean lately. i don't really like it. i think he is FINALLY realizing the changes that are being made. there is another crib in his room...and it is ready for something...at this point he's just not sure what the something is. he's been not so nice to daycare baby too. he doesn't hold his bottle for him anymore and he's been sitting on him. poor yo baby, if he attempts to do that to her. pretty positive he's not going to like the outcome if it happens.

at this moment, i'm craving chinese food. generao tso's chicken to be more specific. mostly, this craving came from a list of foods that trigger labor...i googled it this morning...but i could really go for some of it right now, and some crab rangoons. i'm not having much luck finding the menu to the local restaurant and the phone book seems to be missing also. my search is on...once i'm done typing this. if i don't get this craving, i may have to settle for a taco salad...i just need a little spice right now.

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