A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, April 1, 2010

my little, big boy

Adam and I have been discussing Fletcher's first haircut for a few weeks now. I originally wanted to take him to a place in Urbandale that is kid-friendly and does pretty cool things for the first-timer, but then I heard the price of the haircut...$25...to me, no haircut for an infant is worth $25. We were going to take him last Saturday, but I called three different places in Ames and they only took walk-ins on the weekend, and I was NOT willing to wait with Fletcher. He is the kid that has to be moving at all times and if he is being held, it's not pleasant for the holder. So, today was the day. I was envisioning how terrible it was going to be...the kid does not sit still. To my surprise, Fletcher did amazing. Adam kinda held onto him while he was in the chair, and me...I was taking pictures. He sat still for most of the trim around his ears and neck. The bangs, not so still. He reached out to grab the scissors a few times, and jerked his head away from her also. Part way through, he decided to stand and see what was going on in the other chairs. I think that actually helped keep his head turned so the gal could get where she needed to. After about 15 minutes, my little boy was transformed into a big boy. I secretly had a few tears when the job was done.

{shaggy, before the haircut, with a bit of bed head going on}
{this haircut thing is making me sleepy}
{almost done and looking so "grown up"}
{showing off the "after"}

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