A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, April 26, 2010

a little bit of cousin time

***not sure what i did to get blue underlined words, but deal with it...have a great day!

Last Sunday, my sister was planning on coming up to bring Adam and I a few things that she had stored for us. I wasn't scheduled to have any daycare kids on Monday, so I called and offered to take Camryn off of her hands for the remainder of the day and most of Monday. I figured Jen could use a few hours of relaxation, since there is only a month left until the babies are due. Camryn usually loves to play with Fletcher, and I know Fletcher loves to play with Camryn, afterall, they are BEST COUSINS. So, they arrived, unloaded the bikes, and ALL of Camryn's belongings...the girl is only 3 and she already packs for a week, my goodness. We chatted, and after a while, Jen left. Adam and I were working in the backyard, so we figured Camryn could be a great babysitter for Fletcher. We actually got some stuff accomplished, while she kept our little guy occupied. We played in the dirt. We played on the slide. We ran up the hill. Soon, it was past dinnertime and I know I needed to feed the kids, as well as the husband, so in we went. Dinner was served, and then two little ones had to get bathed. Pajamas on, heavy eyes, and beds calling their names. Off to sleepyland for the kiddos and a little relaxation for myself, before I face a new day.
Monday was full of fun. Both got up earlier than I had planned. Meals were served, giggles were shared and looks were exchanged. They played relatively well together. I do believe they both enjoyed each others company, although they didn't get their way all the time, they both had fun.

{getting ready for a day of playing}
{fletcher was throwing balls at camryn. and she was throwing them back.}
{dancing to some cartoon themed music}
{mesmerized by that big, purple dinosaur}
{playing in the 'fort'}
{one of the few times it was quiet while they played}

{taking it all in}
{riding the moto-cycle}
{smelling momma's iris'}

After playing outside, we came in to have lunch and to take a rest. A little girl was so wiped out, that she fell asleep within 5minutes of "resting with my eyes open". I packed the car, loaded the kids and headed off to take Camryn home to her parents. I know that my little guy had tons of fun with his big cousin and I foresee many more slumber parties/play-dates once the babies arrive.

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