A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Saturday, April 3, 2010

egg dying and friends!

Fletcher and I went to visit our friends Angie and Payton Thursday afternoon. Angie had the day off from school so she invited us over to dye Easter eggs and for a playdate for the babes. Just as we were getting into Marshalltown, Angie phoned and warned that Payton was sick...in case I wanted to turn around. I wasn't going to let a little snot and a high temperature ruin the fun I had planned for myself, and I was very confident that I could keep Fletcher away from poor baby Payton.
First stop: Wal-Mart. I was taking dinner so I got a pizza, grabbed some eggs, some Motrin for baby girl and a bottle of wine, oh, and some chocolate...yum. After almost getting ran over by a crazy fat man driving a motorized cart, Fletcher and I made our way out of the store and onto our final destination: the Pietig residence. We arrived and Fletcher got acclimated to his new surroundings as Angie and I chatted about a particular blog that I NEED to follow (she's right. came home and read parts of it. don't think i've cried like that since i was pregnant).
We put in the pizza, watched Inside Edition, ate, and then got underway to dying Easter eggs. This was quite the experience with a "one week shy of being one" year old and a 7 1/2 month old. Of course Fletcher and Payton had to color their own egg(s) and what happened next with my little man was not what I was expecting.

{getting ready for the fun to begin...pure excitement on there faces, huh?}

The first egg is in. After dropping it in, with a large splash, he immediately went in after it. The death grip he had on it was pretty tight for a kid his age. After trying to avoid spilling the blue color and getting the egg out of his BLUE hand...

...this is how it came out. Poor egg!

Angie and I got some pretty good laughs from this pitiful looking thing. After this, I was pretty apprehensive about giving him another. The final decision came when he reached just far enough to grab one of the cups...there goes the orange dye and there goes Fletcher's chance for egg number two. I realize that it was my fault that this happened, but he isn't old enough to actually enjoy this so I didn't have a problem putting him on the floor to run around and play while Angie and I finished over a few adult beverages.

{playing in angie's cupboards}

{coloring eggs with mommy}

{the final inspection}

Just about the time we were finishing, I could tell that Fletcher was getting very sleepy. Perfect timing for a car ride to put a little boy to sleep. I called Adam and he was just on his way home as well (he had met a friend for dinner and drinks), so we would be pulling in the drive about the same time. I packed up our things, thanked Angie for the fun and much needed girl time and we were on our way.

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