A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter happenings

On Saturday afternoon we loaded the car and headed south. We were on our way to Albia to celebrate Easter at Adam's dad's house. On our way, we made a detour to see Grandma and Grandpa Jackovich. Grandma was working so we stopped by the bank so Fletch could show off his new haircut...which Grandma just loved. He smiled at everyone who came in and I deposited a babysitting check. Next stop, to see Grandpa. When we arrived he was in the garage pretending to be busy. Not really sure what he was doing, but I'm pretty sure he was doing the same exact thing a few weeks ago when Fletcher and I visited. We chatted a bit then were on our way, once again.

{playing with GG Glo}

We arrived in Albia around 1pm. By this time, Adam, Fletcher and I were all hungry. Pops and Nana had to go somewhere so, Adam put a pizza in for us and then we were going to help GG Glo with the food she was suppose to bring for Easter dinner. GG Glo was very happy to see us, Fletcher mostly. They played and Adam and I got to work cutting the fruit for the apple salad and mixing the ingredients to make ice cream dessert. With a little frustration, we got everything finished and visited some more. Before departing, Fletcher got his picture taken with the big stuffed bunny (since I was a bad mom and didn't take him to see the Easter Bunny at the mall). Back at the house, we ate, chatted and played a bit of wii (I rock at darts!!!) and we got things ready for for the morning.

{playing with GG Mc}

Happy Easter! Adam got up with Fletcher and let me sleep in a bit. When I woke, I got in the shower and got ready for church as much as I could. Then I gave Adam a break so he could get ready. Fletcher played and begged for some of my cinnamon roll, of course he got a few bites. With 15 minutes before departure, it was time to get my little stud dressed in his first Easter outfit, much cuter than that of the white onesie he wore last Easter. Church was at 10:30 (great service), got out at noon, then stopped by my grandparents' house before heading back to Pops and Nana's. Fletcher showed off his outfit to GGpa and GGma McDonald and Great Uncle Mike. He played, showed all of his new tricks and talked up a storm. Naptime was approaching so we left and got Fletcher down so he wouldn't be a bear when everyone was over for dinner. FINALLY, time to eat....and was it ever good. The turkey and pork loin were delish, cheesy potatoes-yum and let's not forget the pie...not really words to explain it...I LOVE LEMON MERINGUE PIE!!! Well, after the grub we headed for the hills. I wasn't looking forward to the drive since I was stuffed, but there were things that needed to be done before Monday came, so, with that, we packed the car once again, said good-bye and left. It was a great weekend, jam packed full of things to do and people to see.


Oh, guess what? The Easter bunny came to our house. He brought a basket for Mommy and Daddy and Fletcher. Fletcher loved his sand bucket basket, Thomas movie, and the eggs that were in it. Good thing for the eggs...that could have been all he got and he would have been fine. The boy has put them in his bucket and dumped it numerous times since Sunday evening, just to do it all over again...at least it keeps him entertained.

{the Easter bunny came}

{this is all i got?}

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