A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big school preschool

School has started and fletcher loves it. He kept talking about his teacher and school from last year and how he couldn't wait to go back. This made me happy to hear, but he was going to the 'big' school this year and he was going to have new teachers and new kids in his class. 
The week before classes started for the preschoolers, his teacher and the classroom associate came to do a home visit. Fletcher isn't a shy kid, so the visit was pretty easy going. This way, fletcher and I got both got to become familiar with the faces that he will be spending his afternoons with. 
The day he was to start, my morning was absolutely crazy. I had some paperwork that needed done, a new schedule that I needed to quickly master, and two kids that couldn't leave one another alone or do anything for themselves. I was certain that drop-off was going to be a breeze for me and the emotions were going to be fine since I had had it with him. 

I did all the necessary photos that most moms were posting of Facebook, and I true to up some of them. I thought I was going to be fine. We were loaded in the truck and on our way to the first day of preschool. 
At this point, I cracked. He was all fine and excited. He saw a friend from his class last year and gave me thumbs up as he closed his very own locker. I was crying. The silly, ridiculous mom who was trying to hide behind the phone camera. It didn't work. The tears flowed as he walked into his class and waved at me. I b-lined it for the front doors so I could go cry in peace. I didnt get anything done those three hours when he was learning new directions and making new friends. I was so busy looking at the clock because I wanted to hear all about his first day of school. When I picked him up, I did get a big hug, but the information was lacking. He did tell me that he had pink milk at snack time though. 

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