A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer fun-August

even more trips to the zoo. just making sure we get our moneys worth in that zoo membership we purchased. 

we tried a new restaurant in altoona. the food was good. the atmosphere was nice and the crowd was little. we'll be eating there again. and the booster seats were amazing with double buckles. brynlee thought that was pretty amazing. 

we played outside in the mornings and napped in odd places in the afternoon.  

we attended the iowa state fair. saw some of the usual things and of course we had to do little hands on the farm, which was a much more pleasant experience this year than in years past. 
we made an emergency trip to the dentist. and when i say emergency, i mean the next day. apparently fletcher had been wrestling with the babysitter's boyfriend and bumped his tooth on the ground. i didn't find this out until the next morning after little boy wouldn't eat his breakfast and he was complaining of his tooth wiggling. after numerous phone calls and trying to piece things together, i figured it out and called the dentist office to see what we should do. we headed in and his tooth was filed down because it was chipped considerably and the wiggling would return to normal in a few weeks. 

old play costumes were found and tried on numerous times. we have all come to the conclusion that fletcher should not wear them again.
we celebrated a handful of birthdays, but only one i have a picture from. this is of beth and her little people friends. 

fletcher also started school, which is an entire separate post. 

i'm catching up. it's almost october, but i'll have september done before the first. stay tuned.

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