A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer fun-July

July seemed to be more busy than June. We were on the go more, and did some more exciting things.  
Annual third of July horse races and fireworks at prairie meadows. This year Ellie and Brynlee got along so well.  
Fourth of July parade in town. It was lame. An abundance of tootsie rolls. And it was HOT. 

We went to the neighbors' house for a little cook-out. The kids swam and played and the adults played jenga. 
The weekend after the fourth, Adam and the kids went to his sister's inlaw's lake house for the day. I had to work, blah! They went for boat rides, played, had s'mores and saw some more fireworks. 
We had some fun in the blow-up pool. We also mastered the water guns this summer. 
Fletcher took swimming lessons again this year. I think he learned quite a bit, but we don't go to the pool enough for him to practice what he learned. Maybe that will change next summer. 

We met my sister and her crew for lunch one afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings. Fletcher attacked his buffalo wings. His new favorite. 

Adam played in his third alumni football game. He did great and came away with fewer injuries than in the past. But again, they lost. 
We visited my grandpa in the hospital. Fletcher played peek-a-boo with him. We didn't realize it would be the last time we'd see him alive. I'm sure glad I have this picture as a last memory of him though. 

We enjoyed some surprise froyo evenings. 

The kids and I walked the block to the story county fairgrounds and strolled through the animal barns. 
More zoo trips. 

The last weekend in July was the second annual, Princess Camryn's Christmas in July Toy Drive. There was a face painter who did a fabulous job, Santa arrived on a fire truck and there were tons of toys/money donated for the hospital that has given so much to Camryn. My sister never thought this little event would turn out so big. 

That's what we did in July. August was a bit more busy. Stay tuned.  

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