A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, May 20, 2013

picnic at the park

On Thursday, it was such a nice day that I decided that the kids and I were going to have a little picnic at the park after i picked fletcher up from preschool. 
We got there and nobody else was there, which was nice. There was a picnic table pretty close to the parking lot so we just say down and ate before we even made it to the play equipment. I didn't think it was as windy as it was, but after our napkins and chips blew away, I knew it was going to be tricky to get them to finish everything I brought, so once the sandwiches and strawberries were gone, they were free to run. 
It was so fun watching them explore the different things on the play equipment. Last year, fletcher wouldn't have even attempted the rock wall, but this year he went for it and made it up without any help. 
Brynlee was kind of scared when she got on the third level of stairs, so she stayed pretty low. She went down some slides if I held her hand, but she sure did enjoy climbing and crawling through the tunnel.
I foresee many visits to score park this summer. It's way more fun than the park down the street from us, with more stuff to do also. 

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