A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meal Planning Monday-vol. 3, wk. 19

May 6-10

Monday-Grilled pork chops, asparagus, garlic bread
Tuesday-mini pork loin, broccoli, fruit
Wednesday-Meatball sub casserole
Thursday-Chicken Alfredo Roll-ups, salad
Friday-Brats, fresh veggies, fruit

It may appear that this weeks meal plan looks similar to last weeks. Our week was pretty screwy with late nights at work and unplanned trips to Des Moines, so I'm carrying a few of our meals to this week, in hopes that they get made. 

Last weeks Monday, the weather was beautiful so I made Adam grill. I made sausage and veggie pouches. They were delicious and will be a springtime/summertime regular...if spring ever decides to ever show up and stick around.  

Stove-top meatloaf is just good stuff. I will pass this recipe to my kids and then to their kids. I'm pretty sure if you tried it, you'd like it. Even if your mom makes 'the best meatloaf ever,' which my mom does, but only because it's my mom, you'd still like this recipe. Try it and find out that I'm right. 

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