A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make-up lesson

Sunday morning, the kids woke by their usual 7:30 time and I was not ready to get out of bed yet. Adam was already in the garage working on some project, so I had to deal with the kids. By dealing, I mean turn the tv on for fletcher to watch cartoons and listen for brynlee as she 'plays' between rooms. B was back and forth a few times and then she disappeared. I thought she was reading books in her room, since it was quiet, and this is a regular occurrence for her. Then I remembered that fletcher went to the bathroom before coming in my room and I didn't remember hearing the door shut when we was done. I quietly got out of bed. Tiptoed to the bathroom and saw baby girl playing with my make-up. She was trying a new look with mascara, that I think she still needs to master. Needless to say, she was stripped and put in the tub...after I took pictures of course.

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