A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Sunday, February 3, 2013

thanks, santa!

Way late with this, but it needs to be documented.

santa came a few nights early, since we were heading out of town on christmas eve day. it's easy to do since the kids don't really know when Christmas actually is, with all the festivities we attend, I barely know when Christmas is for that matter.
Anyway, mr Claus and I talked up the evening and told the kids all the things parents say on Christmas eve, just to get the kids all excited. We decorated cookies earlier that morning. Before bed, fletcher drew on a styrofoam plate and signed his name (and brynlee's) and we left chocolate milk, a beer, cookies and also some carrots for the reindeer. Nothing like getting them all excited before putting them to bed.
So the children were finally asleep when the mr went out to assemble the kitchen and scooter for the wee ones. I did stockings and then had the pleasure of putting on all the stickers to the kitchen and getting the placement just right for everything.
The next morning when the kids woke up, they were excited to see what the big guy left. They were also excited to find gus, only to realize he went back to the north pole with Santa. But he was quickly forgotten when they saw the goods that were left.
Another good year from Santa, but we discovered that it is getting harder as fletcher starts asking for more bigger and complex things that are not quite age appropriate, but are cool with 'the big kids.' I'm sure sooner than later that he will be crushed, but until them...HO, HO, HO.

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