A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, May 4, 2012

fletch's birthday party

three weeks ago tomorrow, we had fletcher's birthday party. we invited family and a few friends to help us celebrate.

this was a morning party so everyone could make it, and we were trying to avoid naptime meltdowns as well. since most everyone had to drive at least 30 minutes, i did breakfast food to enjoy. egg bakes, french toast bake, fruit, sausage, hashbrowns, and bagels with cream cheese. i was nervous that there wasn't going to be a good variety or enough, but there was enough that adam and i had leftovers for a few days.

i had the dr. seuss theme planned for a good three months prior. i had these great visions, but i should know by now that not everything i dream up in my head will happen or is even realistic. the table clothes, paper plates and balloons were enough of the seuss theme that made me happy, but there was more that i wanted to do. we did have mimosas though, that vision was one of the most important that i followed through with.

my boy is spoiled by the ones that love him. he got so many great gifts, he goes from one activity to the next like he has a 2 minute attention span.

adam and i got him his very own set of wheels. i missed his first reaction because the camera was being stupid, but he loves it. he talks about, 'me tuck' all the time and he even wants to take his sister for a ride. she suffers from mild cases of whiplash after she's done riding with him (he's not a very good driver yet).

my mohter-in-law made the cat in the hat cake and i made the flags to go in the cupcakes. she did a great job on the cake. this year fletcher understood to blow out the candles and he even thought he needed to take a bite out of the cake.

  fletcher gave all his cousins/friends a dr. seuss book for coming to his party and helping us celebrate.

aside from the crappy weather, getting started 30 minutes late and my visions not coming through for me, it was a pretty good party. there was laughing, chatting and smiles~that's what a 3rd birthday is really about. 

one final thing i'm very excited about is that i have a new, updated family picture from that day. please look past the wrinkled sheet that was covering our canned goods and used as a backdrop. and because my kids can only cooperate for a few short minutes, the second was taken to show how they really feel about family photos.

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