A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, September 1, 2011

testing a mother's love

potty training is really where a mother's patience and love is really tested. i love my boy to no end and i'm really excited when he uses the potty. on occasion he tells us he needs to go, so we put him on the froggy potty. he was doing so well, i decided to attempt it, more than just the occasional rush to the bathroom. i wanted to waited until he was able to get his shorts up and down by himself, but once he started that and taking his own diaper off, i figured it was a go. 

we put froggy in the living room and he sat and watched movies. after a few hours and no pee pee in the potty, i went and made supper while he played in the kitchen (wearing undies). i turned around and stepped in a puddle...that's when i realized WE weren't ready for this potty training thing. i did it without reading the 'methods' and preparing for the journey and realize i went about it way wrong. since he isn't using too many words yet, he can't really tell me, but he has ways to communicate 'he has to go', i just have to see him.  we still continue to use froggy, but until he can use his words and let us know, potty training is on hold.

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