A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, September 2, 2011

randomness, vol. 2

there's plenty to share, but i don't want to hit on one specific topic today. so, enjoy my randomness.

*i've been watching another baby the last two day. he's pretty good, better than my baby. i thought i'd pull my hair out, but i haven't. i actually think having him has calmed down the three that i have all the time.

*i went to the eye doctor last month for an exam. i was suppose to have an eye exam in january, but my eye doctor wouldn't do it since i was pregnant and he told me to wait until may to get them checked. obviously i waited longer than may, but i was out of contacts and the only way to get new ones was to get the exam. my eye doctor was in des moines and everytime i had an appointment, i had to work it into my schedule. plus, he had annoyed me about a few things and i didn't like his staff, so, i switched to something local. i made an appointment, and my eyes had actually gotten better. i was given a trial pair with my new prescription and they worked fine, so i went ahead and bough 6 months worth. the other day i needed to change them and it felt like i couldn't see out of my right eye very well. three days later and it still seems the same, not as bad, but still blurrier than it should be. i think i need to change it again and see if its different, if not, i think i'll be making an appointment to get it checked out.

*my husband comes home tonight. after three weeks with him away (home on the weekends) it will be nice to finally get a good nights sleep. when he's gone i don't sleep very sound and every noise i hear freaks me out.

*baby girls sleep schedule is really driving me crazy lately. she was so predictable and slept relatively well. the last week or so, she has needed to be held while sleeping or she would only take a 30-45 minute nap at a time. i don't mind holding her for 2+ hours if i don't have anything to do, but there's a house to clean, laundry to fold and little boys to clean up after. as i'm typing this, she just crawled/wiggled out of my arms to lay on the couch and she fell asleep. i'm going to cross my fingers that this is the start of her being able to fall asleep on her own again. *before i finished this blog entry, she was awake...ugh!!!

*we're heading to omaha this weekend to the children's museum and the henry doorly zoo. i've never been, but have heard that the zoo could take all day. not sure if we'll be there all day, but i hope the kids cooperate enough so we can see everything. it will be a nice little getaway.

*on facebook the other night, i came across a friend who had 'liked' a page called the crock pot girls so i checked it out. these ladies love their crocks and decided to post crockpot recipes on this page. since they started, their page has over a million 'likes' and others are putting more recipes on the page. they also have a website you can find here. there are tons of recipes from appetizers and sides, to main dishes of all types. i've skimmed through both pages checking out the recipes. i will definitely be using my crock pot a lot more than i have in the past.

*i need to go through toys and get rid of them. we have entirely too many. i've thought about rotating them on a weekly basis, but i'm not sure where i'm going to stash the toys not currently being played with. i am not usually the person to get rid of things (i wouldn't go the hoarder route though), but my thought process for that is for future kids. at this point, if there happens to be more, we'll start over and may have some of same toys in newer versions. i've really had it with stepping on toy cars and baby rattles and plastic farm animals the last week.

happy long weekend everyone. relax, be safe and enjoy!

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