A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, August 19, 2011

we love our cousins!

so, when we had brynlee's baptism, my brother and his family came down from minnesota to hang at my parents' house for the weekend and then to attend the ceremony on sunday. adam was out of town until friday afternoon and i didn't have daycare kids, so the kids and i packed up and went to des moines on thursday and friday to spend some quality time with them and so they could meet brynlee for the first time,  i knew sunday was going to be filled with lots of hosting and not a lot of visiting. 
thursday evening we just hung out and the kids played. my mom, sonja and i headed to target and left my brother with all the kids...they were all alive when we got back and no injuries...he did good. we spent some time outside and enjoyed a couple beverages. chatted it up and a few neighbors came down as well. 

 {gracie and fletcher getting a bath}
 {alycia and trent were giving easton some love}
 {gracie loved brynlee}
 {big cousins read good bedtime stories}

on friday, my brother, sister and i had a plan to meet with all the kids and get their pictures taken. my mom always says how she wishes she had a new, updated picture with all the grandkids, minus one. this was the perfect time to do so, and we pulled it off without anyone knowing. the pictures went well. the group shot was better and faster than we thought it would take, so we did individual families as well. my sister did a great job organizing this and doing the shopping so the kids could match. 
{this is the set-up at my mom and dad's house}
{my beauties!}

that evening, my sister and her family came over for dinner. my dad had scored tons of fish from his minnesota cousins a few weeks prior, and he thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use it up. dinner was good, more beverages were drank and laughs were shared. there was also more playing going on, as there were three more little bodies added to the mix. 
 {codi and chase}
 {cam and baby b}
we loved hanging out and playing with the cousins. i enjoy seeing the reactions on my kids' faces as they get to spend time with them. it is great having some of the cousins close, but we sure wish we got to see the others more often.

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