A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, August 19, 2011

no shave november:out of control

some of you may know that my niece, camryn, has cancer. through her treatment, she lost her hair, like most patients do.
{princess camryn}

at her birthday party, back in november, shortly after being diagnosed, adam and her older sister, ashlyn, were talking about no shave november (not  a reputable source, but it gets the point across.) adam had this wonderful idea of growing his facial hair, until camryn's hair started growing back. 

{taken in february}

as he grew it out, it kind of got nasty. i didn't really like kissing that face. fletcher would pull away when adam would rub his face on fletcher's. once brynlee was born, her head was covered by his beard because it was so full. and when adam would eat, he would frequently get facial hair in his food...G.R.O.S.S! and he said it was starting to get itchy. 

at fletcher's birthday party, back in april, he decided that he was going shave it off. after all, camryn was doing so well with her treatment and it wouldn't be too long before her hair would be growing back. we were all psyched for this occasion because my sister had been prepping camryn for this and adam really wanted her to take the first snip...when it came time, she wanted nothing to do with it. 

 instead, my mom was very happy to take the first snip, and second and third.
 i was also very excited to be able to get a snip of that beard i had dealt with for six months.
 after everyone had a turn, adam went over to the trash can and shaved the remainder of hair off his face, with a little helper.
 {almost back to normal}
he's back. so this is what my husband looks like? i missed that face while the hair invaded it...but, all for a good reason.
i'm so happy to report that the princess is still doing well and her hair is coming in dark. she joked the other day that she had more hair than brynlee.

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