A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

cross country travels, part 3

this is the final post of our vacation. it only took two months for me to write about, maybe because there is more important and fun going on in the lives of these four micks. however, if you really like reading about our two week travel across the country called "vacation," enjoy. if you missed part 1 and part 2, feel free to read them.

on saturday morning, we got up and ready for the day. adam and i headed over to sam's club to pick up a few things we needed and then we were on our way to meet tina and doyle at the kick-off of the power tour. when we got there, there were parking lots full of cars. some new, some old, some beat up, some everyday cars. we parked and got settled, pulling out the canopy and chairs. we sat and chatted. admired some of the vehicles that we could see, then we decided to walk over to where all the vendors were set up. with our long-haulers card, we got free stuff when we went to each trailer. at 5pm, there was a show that introduced each of the sponsors, prizes were given out and games were played. besides the driving in the mornings and a few stops, everyday follows the same routine of things...get there, walk around, show, leave for the evening.

Day 1: Port Canaveral, FL

 Day 2: Valdosta, GA
 {playing a little corn hole}

 {this car was in the transformer movies}

 Day 3: Montgomery, AL
 {over heated}
 {playing hide-n-seek. kids and i didn't go this day}
 {some of the cars in the hotel parking lot}

Day 4: Nashville, TN

 {we made a pit stop before heading to the site}

 {my first time at chick-fil-a}

 {the site was at LP Field, where the titans play}

 {cooling off}

 Day 5: Indianapolis, IN

 {photo shoot time with david ragan...and an autograph}

 {driving on the track at the brickyard}
 {my first white castle experience. YUM!}
 {making it a family affair}

Day 6: Muskegon, MI

 {this type of car is referred to as a "woody", look at the license plate.}

Day 7: Detroit, MI
 {we made a pit stop while trying to find a pizza joint adam wanted to take us to}

 {best chicago style pizza i've had in detroit}

 {family shot by our everyday vehicle}    
 {grabbing a bite to eat at joe's crab shack}
 {he sure doesn't eat like this at home}

Day 8: Detroit, MI-Long haulers ceremony at the GM Proving Grounds

{finally, home...kinda}

that's it folks. that was our two week vacation. it wasn't as bad as i thought. there were good days and bad days. we already have plans to go on next years power tour. at least we know what to expect...long days, fussy kids and sore butts from riding so much. 

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