A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

cross country travels, part 1

on may 28th, we packed our things and loaded the kids and headed south. south as in albia, for two days until we headed farther south, as in cocoa beach, florida. we were going on our first hot rod power tour as a family and following adam's parents. on may 31st, we were on our way. we traveled from early morning til the kids got sick of the car, which was usually about 6ish pm. the first night we landed in seymour , indiana. the second night we made it to clinton, south carolina and on day three, we made it to our starting destination, cocoa beach. along the way, we obviously made stops to stretch and stuff.
 {ready or not, here we go}
 {we had a technical difficulty that needed tended to}
 {a bit of morning traffic in indianapolis}
 {driving through tennessee}
 {one of the many window washes}
 {a tunnel, in north carolina, i think}
 {someone decided vacation would be a great time to learn and hold her own bottle}
{do i really have to caption this photo?!?!}

before we actually got to cocoa beach, we stopped in daytona and checked out the daytona international speedway. we didn't do the tour, but we took in the gift shop and the other things they had that were touristy.
{well that's a friendly greeting}
{poor kasey, he hasn't made it yet}
{love this photo}
{dale senior, a racing legend}
{just enjoying her time out of her carseat}
{just a few of the tour/gift shop entrance}

***get ready for more. i'll split it up into a couple more posts so it's not so long and boring. 

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