A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

life with two

it has been two and a half months since i've been a mom of two and let me tell you that it hasn't been as difficult as i thought.

*i thought fletcher was going to be very unsure about the baby and not accept her, when, in fact he has wanted everything to do with her. he wants to hold her and feed her and put her paci in her mouth. he even peeks in her crib to see if she is in there. he kisses her good-night and we don't even have to tell or ask him to. he's really a good big brother and has impressed me with his sincerity toward her.
*spending time with each individually was a concern i had. at this point, it isn't a major deal because brynlee is usually sleeping when fletcher wakes in the mornings and she is awake when he naps in the afternoon. about 5pm is when things get frustrating. i have taken fletcher with me on trips out of the house and left b at home and the same with the other. that way, adam gets quality one-on-one time with them as well.
*one thing that is a bit difficult is grocery shopping. i usually go during the day before everyone is off work, which is less crowded, but getting everything i need is hard. with putting a carseat IN the cart and having fletcher sit in the seat, there is little room for the items i am after. also, shopping at fareway, its harder for me to get two kids in and out of the store safely...for those of you who don't have fareways, the sackers carry/push out your groceries, leaving NO carts in the parking lot. i make it happen, but its sometimes difficult with a toddler who doesn't always cooperate.
*i think i have bathtime figured out. i don't fill the tub as much at first. put both kids in. bathe brynlee. get her out and fill the tub more. fletcher plays while i get the babe dressed and then i go in and wash him and get him out/dressed. this is how i do it when adam is traveling or working late and its bath night. it did take me a few times to get the process down, but it has been mastered and works out pretty smoothly.
*dinner time is probably the hardest time of each day. fletcher wants to help or wants something. b is usually crying or fussy and wants to be cuddled. curious george and the moby wrap usually allow some time to get  dinner made and ready.
*if you are not the oldest of your siblings, you may have heard/noticed that there are not as many photos of you as there are of your older sibling/s. that's true in my case...i have seen very few pictures of myself when i was little. that all being said, i am guilty of not taking as many pictures of baby b as i have of fletcher at the same age. i need to step it up and get the camera in that girls face so she doesn't hold it against me some day.
*one thing i haven't attempted yet, is going someplace and having to use the double stroller. i'm kind of scared that i'm going to be the moron in the parking lot who has trouble opening the stroller and getting the kids in it. maybe i need to take a couple practice runs in the garage before i attempt the real deal.

i'm sure there are lots of things that i'm missing, but for the most part, things aren't too bad around here. i'm learning things each day and how to deal with different situations the kids put me in. i'm not sure if it's going to get easier or harder as b gets older. time will tell, but in the meantime, i'll keep doing what i'm doing until it doesn't work anymore.

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