A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snowed in

not that today is much different than any other day, but i don't have daycare baby. since the snow started, and we live in small town country, many of the smaller community schools are closed...and that's why the trev isn't here today...you see, his momma is a teacher around these parts. i woke up when adam did at 5am to check the school closings...nothing for ballard community. fletcher woke up at 6am and i thought i'd check again...no such luck. i figured i should just go back to sleep because he'd be on his way before i knew it. i finally fell back asleep and BEEP BEEP BEEP...my phone was going off with a text...ballard school: delayed 2 hours. at least that gave me a little bit of time to catch up on the lack of sleep, since i was up at 5am acting like i was in school  again, praying for a snow day. at this point, little boy was WIDE AWAKE and this momma wasn't getting back to sleep so we headed to the living room to watch us some george (curious george for those of you not up on the toddler cartoon talk). about 730am i got the news i had been hoping for...school cancelled for the day. YIPPEE!! a snowday!!!  at this point in my day, 130pm, i have realized that having a snow day really isn't all that much fun when you are 30+ years old and a stay at home mom....not much is different. there are still diapers to be changed, naps to be given, noses wiped and lunch/snacks served...however, i did get a good nap in before daycare toddler came. now it's time for two little boys to get their nap, and maybe i might close my eyes and take a rest...MAYBE!

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