A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, January 10, 2011

Four Christmases

referring to our holiday, not the movie.

on christmas eve, we ventured down to albia for the annual mick christmas celebration. we arrived around 2pm and hung out until nate, kerri and kids got to tina and doyle's. we did the grandparents gift opening before we headed to the church to meet up with the rest of the micks.  fletcher enjoyed his pile of presents. he was standing on them (unopened) and was just amazed, carrying them around. it was really fun to watch him open his gifts...some he was excited about (curious george 2 and the counting bears) and some he didn't really know what it was (a rocking chair in a box and a CARS folding table and chairs...in a box). i think the boxes kinda threw him because he didn't really know WHAT it was.

after opening gifts and cleaning up the mess three kids made, we headed over to the church for the annual mick christmas. we were at a new location this year to accomodate the more than 30 people who attend. it was a nice, cozy place with plenty of room. we got there, ate dinner (soup and sandwiches and tons of desserts) and then it was time to tear down tables to make room for everyone to sit in a big ol' circle to watch the gift openings. it was much more low key this year with fewer gifts, but that is completely ok...afterall, christmas isn't REALLY about the gifts, right? fletcher's big gift came from gg glo and gg harold in the form of an old school rocking horse. you know the kind that were around when most of us were young, the kind with springs. anyway, little boy enjoyed it and didn't want to get off. it's a great gift, but it had to stay at pops and nana's because we DO.NOT.HAVE.ROOM.FOR.IT!!!

the following morning, christmas morning, we woke and headed to des moines to spend the day with my parents and my sister and her family. we went straight to church before going to the house, but when we arrived i could smell the the aroma of the ham lingering through the house...yum! it would still be a few hours before we ate, and i wasn't sure i was going to make it...i mean, yo baby needed food and she needed it now. i had a snack, helped with food prep and played with the kids. finally, lunch and then gifts. with four, four and under, it was pretty entertaining. it was a great day spent with family and i was almost christmased out, but we had one more...the most important.

{maybe we should have put fletcher in a bumbo also}
we got back to our house on sunday morning and we needed to do fletcher's santa gifts and exchange our gifts to each other. as prepared as this santa was, i didn't have anything ready. why do toys have to have a million wires tying them to a box? why do the boxes need to be taped? why do there need to be three littler boxes inside the big box? so, after my frustrations getting the stinking toys out of the boxes, i realized we didn't have the right size batteries for the remote. adam went searching the house, taking batteries out of remotes and other things we had, just to get the darn train to run when he saw it for the first time.

{opening presents is hard work}
turns out that everything worked out and most of the gifts for little boy were accepted with a smile. adam got me a moby wrap which i have been wanting...now i just need a baby to put in it, but it will be less than seven weeks before i can actually use it. i got him a pair of croc canvas work shoes that he wanted. i think we were both satisfied with how this christmas went and what we got. i foresee next christmas being a bit more chaotic with an addition to the family.

*we actually celebrated christmas with adam's mom a week before christmas and we celebrated with my brother and his family the thursday after christmas...after a total of 6 christmas celebrations...i had enough for a year.

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