A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, January 21, 2011


with all the snow lately, it has been perfect to go sledding. i would love to go, but this belly i'm sporting prohibits fun, wintery activities...boo! since fletcher wasn't old enough last year to actually go enjoy, i thought he should have the opportunity this year. one day when we were in des moines, little boy and i made our way down to my friend's house where her kids were sledding in their backyard. perfect!!! fletcher was going on his first sledding adventure with his big kid friends. 

 he wasn't sure at first. he just stood there watching. i'm sure with the big kids falling off of the snowboards, it didn't help him with this decision i was making him do.
 still watching, this time with a little reassurance from makayla. she is great with him and he runs to her whenever we are around. i knew he would be fine and she would be careful taking my baby down the hill on his first sledding trip.
 in the sled and making their way up the hill. it was kind of funny watching him. he wasn't sure how to hold on, and the mittens sure weren't helping when he tried. his balance was a bit unsteady and he was wobbling as they were going up. 
and they are on their way down. his facial expression doesn't appear that he's enjoying it. 
(please note that blogger was being ridiculous and not letting me center the following picture. i was getting irritated and finally gave up.)
but here's the reassuring smile. that pretty much says "lets's do it again." they went a few more times and he loved it.
we have a steep, little hill in the backyard at our house that i'm sure his daddy will take him on one of these days. first up, we need to purchase a sled. maybe i should get on that and buy one before i can't find them anymore this winter...if there are any left.

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