A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, January 21, 2011


*today i was motivated to do some laundry. even without adam complaining that he didn't have any clean socks...i got up and did 3 loads. HUGE accomplishment for me.

*we have a yo baby appointment this afternoon. this week she is comparable to a cantaloupe. she has been kicking me in the right rib cage lately...i keep telling her i don't like it, but apparently, she thinks its funny and continues on...for hours!

*i'm officially 5 weeks from baby day and my husband has to go out of state for business next week...twice. lovely! just lovely!

*it's freezing and really cold outside. i'm not complaining because i've got a really warm, cuddly blanket to wrap around me. maybe i'll put in a movie, mix up some hot chocolate and kick my feet up...maybe.

*tmi, but...fletcher has gone number 2 on the potty twice this week. not because he's 'ready' to use the  potty, but because i can tell when he's trying to fill his pants and it's much easier to rush to the bathroom than it is to clean a mess from his cloth diapers. he kinda likes the whole run to the bathroom thing, but mostly he likes flushing the toilet and waving bye-bye to the poo.

*the bedroom furniture switch is complete. we still need to get the wall decor switched but i'm really not worried about that so much. i NEED to go through closets, but am not looking forward to it one bit.

*i really want to make a babies r us trip tomorrow to use some coupons on some stuff i don't really need. not sure if we're going to make it, but there's always wednesday when i'm daycare baby free...and it's not suppose to snow that day.

*i'm kinda addicted to watching days of our lives. there's a lot of baby drama going on and it all makes me appreciate the lack of drama in my life. i'm grateful for my husband and family that are there for me whenever i need them.

*it's nap time and the heating and cooling guys working next door are being extremely loud. i sure hope they get finished soon so i can take a little slumber in silence (while fletch and daycare baby are sleeping).

*cam has been out of the hospital since tuesday after recovering from pneumonia, croup and sinus infection. she is doing well...eating and playing and being a 4 year old. she goes back on monday for round 6 of chemo. she has been a brave little princess through all of this.

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