A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a bit of nakedness

two stories:

on tuesday afternoon, while daycare baby was napping in fletcher's room, fletcher had gifted me a massive load in his pants. i happen to keep diapers in the living room for instances like this, so, after winning the battle of getting him down and somewhat cooperative, i cleaned him up and put on a clean diaper...no pants...because the load was THAT massive. i walk to the bathroom to discard of the nastiness. upon returning to the living room, i find a little boy who decided to take his diaper off (his first time ever doing this). not only was he diaper-less, he had gotten a baby wipe out of the tub and was wiping himself. apparently he didn't think i wiped him off good enough...only to realize that he had left a puddle on the floor. so, i'm guessing he knew he had to pee (reason for taking off his diaper) and he knows that we wipe him when he goes potty (reason for wiping himself). all i could do was laugh...to myself...and get the kids diaper back on. oh the joys!!!

last night, after a bath, i got little boy out and dried him off. since his room is right next to the bathroom i let him run in there naked...only to have him run to the kitchen, through the living room and attempting the kitchen again before catching him. finally able to get him in his room, he sits down at his little table and starts to color. apparently clothes are not required to color. not that funny, but just darn cute!

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