A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, January 14, 2011

baby update

last friday we had one of our baby check-ups. you know, the 8 minute appointment that you wait 45 minutes for.  actually, this time it wasn't bad...we walked in and there were only two other women in the waiting room and while i was checking in, one of them was called back. lack of patients was great because we happened to make it a family outing and bring fletcher with us. he is a bit uncontrollable at times while we wait and i can often feel the glares when there are other people around.

i was called to pee in a cup rather quickly...this was a good sign. i did my biz and then walked out of the bathroom almost bumping into a nurse who was walking by. this got me thinking about whether they have ever been bumped and splattered...is that just wrong to think about? seriously though, in such a tiny hallway, they walk by those doors in such a hurry, not paying attention. would it be my fault if she wore my pee? i guess from this point on, i will be a bit more cautious opening the door and stepping out, because i work hard for the urine...it doesn't always come easily.

i returned to the waiting room and the other patient was gone, i was beginning to like this 3:45 on a friday schedule time (all of my future appts are scheduled for fridays at 3:45). i sat down, got comfortable, watched fletcher chomp on a sucker and nurse judy called us back. WOO HOO-less than 20 minute wait time!!! the part i dread every appointment proved to be the best part of the day...well almost. i hopped on the scale, stepping back a bit so my belly would fit and she moved the weights, only to notice that i DID NOT GAIN A SINGLE POUND since my last appointment (which was before christmas and new years). we got to the room and she did the bp/pulse thing and then we waited for dr. lines to come in.

enter dr. lines and her smiley self. she chatted it up for a few minutes and then measured the belly and listened to yo's heartbeat. everything was fine...she measured 33cm and i haven't a clue about the heartrate (she's not very good about telling me and sometimes i just don't ask).  she commented about no weight gain and as she was flipping through my chart, she said that i weighed the same when i first came in with both pregnancies AND that at this same appointment with fletcher, i weighed the same AND that from this point on (with fletcher) i only gained an additional 12lbs AND she guessed that with that info, yo would be about the same weight fletcher was (7lbs 9oz). so, my goal...to gain less than 12lbs. i only have 6-7 weeks left and hopefully i can keep it down and by the way i've been eating, i think its do-able.

after all the weight talk, we bring up the due date (march 2) and she mentions...out of nowhere..."you know, we can do things to make second timers not go passed their due date." well that was great news....not that i was complaining about getting her out, but i was game for knowing that we would be a family of 4 by or on march 2. and if that wasn't wonderful to hear, she says, " i won't induce you before week 39, but anytime after the 23rd, we can schedule." adam and i just looked at each other like, "wow, ok!" we still  need to talk about it and let her know at our next appointment in a week, but we could possibly know when we would have a baby...that is, if she doesn't decide to show up on her own before the day we may pick. that my friends, was the B.E.S.T. part of my day...

and then we left with giddy smiles on our faces and headed to sam's club.

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