A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, December 13, 2010

picture this...picture gifts!

i love shutterfly! i think most people that follow my blog know what it is, but if not, here's a little description: an awesome website that you can upload and store pictures to and create many different photo memories. after all, who doesn't LOVE pictures of little ones!                                          

i'm not really sure how i came across shutterfly, but i've been using it for over three years now. i have made photo books using wedding and honeymoon photos, a book of fletcher's first year, photocards as thank-yous and birth announcements and even for our annual christmas cards. i'm running a bit behind this christmas season getting my cards out...or should i say ordered, but here are some great options i have to choose from: 
{cute...not so christmasy, but it gets the idea across}
{a folded card, has options for multiple photos}
{i love this. not sure if i can come up with 10 (meaningful) moments...maybe next year}
{maybe the winner...not sure, there are 800 more to choose from}

shutterfly always has pretty good deals going on. currently, they have free shipping on a $50 purchase or more...which isn't hard to do when buying gifts for all the grandparents. more recently, they had an offer of buy one, get the next 50% off. i took them up on that deal and purchased a few christmas gifts...and because my order was over a said amount, i got free shipping. once you sign up for an account, you get regular emails with different kind of deals/promotions. some are too good to pass up. since having the little man, i have really been stuck with gift giving...i want something meaningful, but nothing that will be cluttery. photo memories, in any form, are great gifts. some of the other products that are offered on shutterfly are photo mugs, calendars, mouse pads, puzzles and notepads. there are a few items i have ideas for, but i think this close to having yo baby, i may wait and get them once she arrives.

there are over 800 designs for the christmas/holiday photo cards. i think i'd better get started and pick out my design and get them ordered. there are too many cute ones to decide between...let alone the number of photo options. do i use one simple picture? many random pictures? a combination of nice family photo and fletcher through the year? this will take some time. so, while i am clicking through photo card options, you need to check out shutterfly and see all of the fun you can create.

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