A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

picture this update

so, yesterday i posted about shutterfly and the fun you can have over there. i love a deal and usually will do almost anything for such a good one that i couldn't pass up this opportunity. anyway, one day last week, i came across a blog that i follow and the gal had written about shutterfly and a great promotion they were having (only mentioned on the shutterfly blog). i decided to check it out and after reading, i found out that if i blogged about the website and the products they offer, i could qualify for 50 free photo cards. well, of course i was going to attempt this and see what requirements were needed. i clicked here and clicked there and came to the page that told me to register my already existing blog, then i was sent an email with the requirements. i had to mention, in 200 words or more, the options that shutterfly had, and provide at least 3 link options to get to their site. it didn't seem too hard, so i was up for the challenge...after all, those photo cards are over $1.00 a piece and personalized already.
my attempt happened over three times. i would start and get stuck on what to say or how to post things and then i was worried about not having enough words and so on. ended up, after about three hours of typing (breaks included) that i somehow was able to get out all the info and the amount of words needed. adam said to me last night, "you did that all on your own? without any help? it sounded really good." thanks for the compliment, but i think he was questioning my writing skills... after i had my blog post up, i had to submit it to shutterfly to be accepted and to be rewarded the code for my 50 FREE PHOTO CARDS. about 5pm last night, i got that wonderful email saying that it was accepted with the promotional code that i have copied to 4 different places, just in case i delete it from somewhere...i've been known to delete important things and to me, this code is IMPORTANT!!! so, this is the reason behind yesterdays post...and if i would have seen it sooner, i would have shared this opportunity with you, but the last day to register was last friday and that was the day i saw it....sorry.

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