A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, October 15, 2010

busy saturday

Last weekend Adam, Fletcher and I loaded up the car and headed south for a little football action and to spend Saturday in Albia. We left shortly after Adam arrived home from work (for once, I was ready). After a short stop at my parents' house, we were on our way again. We had to stop at T&D's to drop Easton off, then we made it to the game, shortly after kick-off. The game was very exciting...going back and forth with touchdown after touchdown. Austin did a good job on the field and Jake did a good job marching with the band. At half-time we made our way down to the end zone to see GG Glo. Aunt Sara and and Aunt Lindsey were down there. Jake came over after he was done marching and Grandma Roxanne showed up shortly before the game was over. Fletcher was playing with the styrofoam cups that were stuck in the fence and was completely content with pulling them out and stacking them. Soon, the came was over and we went back to Pops and Nana's so little boy could go to bed.

Saturday morning Adam came in and woke me up...telling me we were going to the school for the football team's pancake breakfast. I didn't really want to wake up, but the breakfast was worth the early rise on my day to sleep in. We got there, Aunt Lindsey, GG Glo and Austin were sitting there. Fletcher made his place at the table and the adults went to get some breakfast. It was mighty delicious and much better than the peanut butter toast I was envisioning.

Once we were done eating and visiting, back to the house and it was time to pick apples. I had a plan of attempting homemade applesauce and other fall-ish apple treats and I figured we could pick some apples from the trees and T&D's to help me with my attempt. Adam, Fletcher and I headed out to the trees, with buckets in hand and started picking.
{helping daddy with the apple picker}

 {taking his apples to the bucket}

 {i tried to get the apple close to him, he liked the leaves better}

Soon after starting the apple picking, little boy needed his morning nap. He was getting growly so we went in and rocked while Daddy finished with the apples. There was still lots to do while we were away and we were determined to get it all in. 

Next up, a little play time and the deck and a visit to the goats. It just so happened to be Nana's birthday in Saturday so, she got to enjoy some time with little boy. Also, the folks at Benton Place had a surprise party for her. They had balloons blown up that made there way home so little boy could play with them. 
 {fletcher and nana having a balloon fight}

 {helping daddy polish the apples}

 {someone got into the pool toys}

The Michigan/Michigan State game was on and once Daddy was finished with the apples, he went in to watch the game. Pops got a fire call and left, so Nana, Fletch and I walked down to see the goats. Usually little boy isn't too afraid of them, but he DID NOT want to get very close. This was the closest he got to them and it was still about 2 feet from them. Not sure what his problem was but my hopes for great pics with the goats obviously didn't happen.

Once we went inside and I realized what time it was, I quickly changed Fletcher's diaper and went next door to see my grandparents. It's usually a must whenever we are down that way. We visited for a bit with the GG McD's and caught up on the latest "gossip" and then Uncle Mike came home. He needed to go feed the cattle so he invited Fletcher and I to go along for the ride. I needed to get little boy's shoes so we went back to T&D's, told Adam and he decided to tag along. We made our way and to the cows and little boy was just amazed. He kept pointing at them and every once in awhile, he would MOO at them. We stopped a few times so Mike could drop the feed and then we moved on.

At the last stop, Uncle Mike got Fletcher out when he was done. They walked up to the cows so Fletcher could get a close look at them. He didn't seem to be scared by them. They got to about 3-4 feet away and they didn't move...I was surprised because they don't really care for people.

 When we got back out of the field, Fletcher was just staring at the cows. He would turn around and look at us, pointing and mooing like he wanted to go back out and see them. I'm sure this won't be our last trip to see them.

After we got back to the house, Adam and I got our things gathered up so we could leave after we ate. Supper was super yummy and I was stuffed for our ride home. We said good-bye and were on our way home. Little boy was exhausted from his busy day and was asleep before we were out of town. He slept for most of the 2 hour ride home. I was exhausted as well and couldn't wait to sleep in on Sunday...

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