A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, June 24, 2010

week in rewind

Last Sunday we were in Albia for some family bonding (with both sides) and some home repairs after a flooded basement. Since we were going to be that way, my "little" friend from Missouri, Holly, decided she would come visit for the week, so her parents met me at Hardee's for the drop-off of their darling daughter. We headed to get Adam, then made our way back to Nevada.

{the boys taking wet carpet to the curb}

{adam cutting fletcher's hair...i wasn't too sure about the cut :/}

Monday Adam was leaving for a work trip to Egypt. He would be gone for a couple of days, so that meant that Holly, Fletcher and I could do what we wanted, when we wanted. I had to babysit, so anything exciting was pretty much out of the question for Monday. However, my dad came for a three hour visit (he was wasting time while his car got fixed over in Ames). It was nice to get to spend time with him since we didn't see each other on Father's Day. Nothing elaborate, a few naps, t.v. watching, and he went and got lunch for us at McDonald's. After Kyson left, we thought a little splashing in the pool was in order. We filled it up, came in to eat supper, then went back out for a bit. The mosquitos were terrible, so our splash fest didn't last long.

{this is a picture that adam took of a pyramid, while in egypt}

{fletcher and holly swimming}

Tuesday didn't have much planned. We basically were flying by the seats of our pants. We didn't get up too early. The neighbor boys came over and mowed our forest in the backyard...thank you Devin and Dayne. I thought I owed them something since their mom MADE them "help me out," so I went to McDonald's and got them lunch...while I was out, I had a few other errands to get done, so it was a successful outing. Later that afternoon, we were invited across the street to swim with the neighbor girls...and when I say swim, I mean fletcher sitting in a blow-up kiddie pool splashing water. It was enjoyable for him and Holly and I got to sit in the sun for an hour.

{fletcher and kinzi after swimming}

Wednesday was suppose to be the "fun" day, but those darn meteorologists lied again. It rained in the morning, was mostly cloudy all day and was a bit windy. Our Marshalltown pool experience was going to have to wait. Later in the afternoon, Holly and I loaded up Fletcher and the stroller and headed to Ames to walk around at Ada Hayden. It's a nice walking path, but the thought of the 3 mile walk quickly became a 1 mile walk because we had mosquito bites on our feet that were rubbing when we walked. At least we got out and got some exercise. After our walk, we headed over to Wal-Mart to get a few things...and some Edy's Butterfinger Ice Cream. It was the first time I had it, and I rank it up there with Confetti Cake from Schwan's. Definitely a must try.

Thursday we all woke up after 9:00. Once we got up, we started getting things together for our swimming trip with friends. Fletcher was suppose to have his Goldfish Storytime at the library, but with the getting up late, and meeting at noon, I thought we could skip a day...after all, he wasn't going to know the difference. We made our way to Marshalltown and met at the Pietig residence. Angie and Payton were ready so we headed to the pool. Once there, we found a spot in the shade, made a spot our home and headed into the water. We attempted the baby floating things, but they didn't care for those. We bounced around from spot to spot to see what they liked...Fletcher liked the lazy river and the waterfalls...he even liked the girls walking by in their bikinis. We didn't stay very long, but it was long enough for two babes. Holly, Fletcher and I ran and got something to eat, then headed back to Angie's. We visited for a while and the kids played...then I realized someone was getting sleepy. A car drive always puts a little boy to sleep when he's that exhausted. We got home and relaxed for a few hours until Adam got home from his journey. We ate supper, had ice cream, relaxed some more and went to bed.

{payton and fletcher at the pool}

Friday is the day I had planned all week. We were going to the zoo. I wasn't intending to babysit Kyson, but his mom asked and since her job was in Des Moines that day, I figured I would if she didn't have a problem with me taking him with us. It would work out great...two strollers and two stroller pushers...awesome. I just hope it works out how I plan. I'll be sure to post pictures after our trip. I'm sure this year it will be more exciting for Fletcher than last year's trips were.

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