A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

palm sunday...yum!

Being the good catholic girl I am, we went to Palm Sunday mass the other day. In small communities the priest travels to different parishes and since we have some of the holier of holy days coming up, mass time was changed. Thus, 10:30 mass was at 9:00a.m, screwing up morning naptime for Fletcher. When we walked in, I wasn't sure about the procedure that St. Patrick's does (we missed this particular mass last year, as I was extremely pregnant). We stood there watching others as they entered and walked to the sanctuary, so we followed...only to get up with the whole congregation to witness the blessing of the palms and reenter. During this time, Fletcher was being held by Adam, while pulling my hair, in between swats at the lady's head in very close reach (did you get all that?). Once in and seated, the little screeches, gurgles and grunts began. As I don't do well with little ones being loud because it bothers others and causes stares, Adam took him out...something that happens every weekend. So, mass went on and was soon over. We went home and began our day. But, with Fletcher's first palm, I had to make a cross out of it. This is what he thought of it...

As usual, anything that is new and different ends up in his mouth. I don't really think he cared for the taste too much. As I turned off the camera, he threw it to the ground. Now it resides on the shelf in his room.

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