A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The camo cowboy party

Little boy will be four on Thursday. We had his party today. For the last month I've been asking him what kind of party he wanted. Every time, he was determined that he was having two parties, a cowboy party and a hunting party. Since I was not going to have two parties, I decided not to crush his spirit, and to combine themes.

I had see these cupcakes on pinterest and knew I wanted to recreate them, but I also needed to bring the cowboy part out too. My friend Beth always offers to make a cake, so I asked if she would be willing to tackle the cowboy cake, and she was delighted to do so.

I went pretty simple for food-pulled pork, soups, veggies, fruit and chips. It was all devoured, with few leftovers.

After eating, fletcher opened his gifts. He got some great things-pajamas, sidewalk chalk kits, toy tractor, 'summer shoes' (a pair of keen sandals), coloring/activity books, inline skates and helmet, and his very first bow and arrow. He was so excited and so appreciative for the gifts he received.

We cleaned up the paper mess and got ready for cake. I forgot the ice cream and think I will continue to forget it (it makes such a mess). We sang the traditional 'happy birthday', which fletcher told us we had to do, and then he blew out candles on the cake. We served everyone and enjoyed the last bits of company before our guests left.

The clean-up went rather nicely, as the last few people helped put things away. And others were willing to take home some extra food that we wouldn't eat.

It was a successful day. The kids were well behaved. Everyone had fun. Fletcher is loved. And both my kids are going on three hours of napping.

Thank you to everyone that came. Thank you for the gifts and thank you for being you.

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