A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meal planning Monday-vol.3, wk. 17

April 22-26

Monday-club sandwiches, fruit, veggie sticks
Tuesday-stuffed chicken, broccoli, cherry berry salad
Wednesday-pork loin, asparagus, cheesy rice
Thursday-spaghetti bread, salad, cherry berry salad
Friday-out to eat

Last week I didn't get to the baked chicken chimichangas because I thought I had tortillas, but having them and having enough are kinda different. It will appear again next week and they will be made.

The cowboy casserole was pretty good. If you didn't see the link, find it here. It's basically just another version of tater tot casserole. The husband and I enjoyed it, but instead of doing all the additional ingredients, I will continue making it my old way and just adding a can of corn.

The other new recipe last week was confetti chicken pasta. Good dish. This will be added to the 'make again' list. Since there are lots of veggies included in the dish, I did a little prep work prior to the meal and washed and cut everything I needed. I didn't measure, and should have, because once the veggies cooked down, it looked like a pasta dish with a few veggies. Also, you can alter the spicy-ness of this dish to your taste buds. At our house, we like spice, however, it may have been a bit too spicy for the kids...oops.

No new recipes this week, but I'll have a few for you next week. Happy meal planning.

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  1. No chimichangas? Bummer!
    As for the cowboy casserole, I was planning on 'making it my own'. Someone made tater tot casserole with green beans for something once, and I loved it! So I thought I'd add corn and green beans, and of course cheese! Leave out the tater tots on the bottom. Those would get soggy.
    Enjoy another beautiful day!