A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, January 7, 2013

Visiting Santa

As the second week of January is upon us, I feel like I should post about our December happenings. Here goes...

Our zoo does a meet Santa thing each year. Since there was going to be a REAL reindeer there, I thought I'd take the kids. The day I was going, I was picking the kids up from my parents' house, which mean they are off MY schedule. I didn't even think about early naptimes, long lines and uncooperative toddlers when I had this great idea.

As we pulled in the parking lot, I didn't think there where very many cars, until I saw the lines. As we got in line and proceeded to wait for over thirty minutes, I was asking myself, 'why the heck did I do this by myself?'. It was awful. Brynlee was so tired and whiny that I just wanted to leave, but I knew that Fletcher would be disappointed.

At least the reindeer kept Fletcher amused for our wait and the annoying kids behind me were entertaining. Their dad did a great job of coming up with ridiculous responses to their questions and I just smiled as I thought of what my response would be. I may or may not have mumbled a few times. I was that annoyed with the situation.

We finally got to Santa and Fletcher went up to him without hesitation. Brynlee on the other hand clung to me like a baby monkey holding on for dear life. I at least got a picture of him. The missing sister will explain how the year went when we look at Santa pictures in the future.

As we were leaving u really tried to avoid the reindeer picture line but I got the whiny 3 year old that time. The line was much shorter and the guy with the reindeer seemed to be moving the kids through quickly. I went for it, after all, it couldn't be much worse than the Santa experience. The wait was less Han 10 minutes and the pictures I got where worth it. The reactions made my day better, however, I was still mad I ha to do it all by myself.

The End.

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