A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

not your average birthday

i was dreading my birthday this year. ever since i turned 30, i've kinda hated my birthday. no real reason other than being another year older. people like to celebrated 'me' and i enjoy it, but then it all hits me that i'm  'getting old'. 

yesterday was one of those emotional days. i was getting 'old' and we were awaiting some news that had the possibility of not being happy. brynlee and i were at my mom and dad's house since the boys were hunting, so i was hoping i would be able to hold it together a bit better, but NO. brynlee has hit the terrible two stage a few months early and was being an absolute terror. adam was coming to deliver fletcher, take me out for lunch and then head out of town for the week on a work trip, so i would be doing some single parenting. oh, and we were waiting for 'the phone call'. 

adam and i enjoyed a nice lunch at applebee's and he got me a kindle fire, on top of the new laptop he had already given me. once we got back to the house, my mom and fletcher had made cupcakes while we were gone, which was a nice surprise. and she had a nice package wrapped, waiting for me...a magic bullet blender.  i said good-bye to adam and about 10 minutes later, my sister was calling. i could tell from the questions my mom was asking, that it wasn't good news. 

after kicking icky cancer's butt once, camryn was going to have to do it again. this time, the spots are small and her body is 'healthy' and strong. the team of doctors already have a plan set out for treatment, so she was admitted last night and began chemo. she tolerated it well and was doing great today and is going home to do the rest of the treatment at home. 

with all the attitude, spunk and strength this little girl has, i have no doubt she'll be whoopin' some ass once again. 

so, with that news, the joy that i was allowing to fill the day, was drastically stomped to the floor. in 33 years, i've never celebrated a birthday so sad. a redo is in place for next year, where i will be celebrating 33 again, with only good news allowed. 


  1. Thinking of you and your family.


  2. Think of you and the family - Camryn will pull through with flying colors!