A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, November 15, 2012

halloween 2012

i love me some halloween. i like the thought of dressing up in costume. buying candy for myself the trick or treaters. hearing jokes thay i've heard a million timespicking the 'just right' pumpkin and carving them. i love putting out the fall/halloween decorations. 

i was ready for the holiday this year...almost two months early. i had planned the the kids' costumes (purchased last year on clearance, which they DID NOT wear). i purchased a box of 40 mini fruit roll-ups for treats (on sale beginning of september). i purchased the pumpkins from the farmer's market and had all the decorations out. 

two weeks before halloween, fletcher decided that he wanted to be a cowboy instead of a pirate. instead of arguing with a very opinionated 3 year old, i agreed because it would be an easy switch. we had a hat, holster with guns, a 'cowboy' flannel shirt. all we bought to complete the look was a pair of cowboy boots, which we were going to get him anyway. this pair of boots that we got fletcher, turned into getting brynlee a pair too, just because. 

fast forward to the following monday. adam was out of town for work (surprise, surprise). one evening when he went out for supper to the cracker barrel, he saw this little cowgirl costume. on sale. it wasn't her size, but we thought we could work with it. so, my little eskimo girl was now going to be a cowgirl. and this mom needed to make a few stick horses. 

the sunday before beggar's night, adam wasn't feeling great so we didn't carve pumpkins. we was kinda sounding like he didn't want to do them at all. i, on the other hand, could not go a halloween without a carved pumpkin. monday night, i was pretty insistent that we do them after supper. we got the table cleaned up and moved out to the livingroom to make another mess. 
it went something like this: 

on beggar's night, i couldn't remember what time trick-or-treat was, so i just flipped on the light and waited for kids to start ringing the doorbell. i figured i was safe to go out with the kids after that. 
adam and i got the kids dressed up and took the annual 'front step' picture. obviously it took about five minutes for them to act normal and to look at the camera at the same time. then the adults thought they needed to get their picture taken with them. 

soon, we were off. adam stayed behind and handed out treats to the 20 visitors we had. fletcher, brynlee and i made our way up and down the street. my great idea was to go without a stroller for brynlee (because the sidewalks are in horrible shape and because i had no intentions of being gone long). i forgot that her boots and costume were too big and after every other house, i either had to put a boot back on or adjust her hat or pull her vest back on. ya, it was great. anyway, they did a super good job trick or treating, so i decided to go a block farther. the highlights of the night-brynlee getting pissed because somebody didn't give her a treat and her screaming "ME", while holding her bag out (she ended up getting one) and some old lady sisters inviting us in and asking fletcher about his horse. he gave them a five minute explanation on name, what he does and how he works; including demonstration around their livingroom. it was awesome. to conclude the halloween 2012 post, i leave you with a few pictures of an adorable cowgirl and a rowdy cowboy...and a stick horse that i will never attempt again.  

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