A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the rest of easter weekend

the friday before easter, we had stayed with my parents since we wouldn't be seeing them on easter. they had baskets for the kids and had plans to do a little easter egg hunt but the weather was rainy and cold so my mom scratched that idea. once it had stopped raining, i figured we could do a little one along the sidewalk, so i headed out and placed the eggs for fletcher to find them.
 we've got a peeker

adam and my parents came out with the kids and fletcher knew exactly what to do. brynlee looked cute holding her basket while her brother put the pink and purple eggs in for her. she attempted to get a couple eggs, but she ended up falling over. 
 and they're off
 what a good brother
 he found another egg
trying out the egg hunt thing

after fletcher checked out the loot, we loaded up and headed out.

sunday morning, i took my grandparents to church at 8am and adam stayed with the kids. when i arrived back to the house, i asked fletcher if the easter bunny had come. he wasn't quite sure, so i had to coax him into the kitchen to prove to him he had been there.

 i think he appreciated what was left...especially the cadbury creme eggs. the bubble gun was a close contender.  however, sister was NOT a fan of the bunny ears.

we were meeting the rest of the mick clan at 12:30 for lunch, so before we headed there, we stopped by my grandparents' house to visit with them a bit and so they could see the kids. my grandparents are such troopers. anything to make my kids smile.

grandma doesn't seem too amused 

when we got to benton place for lunch, everyone was there and was ready to eat. we loaded plates with all the yummy food and we sat in good company. it was pretty low-key, but it was relaxing and we were around family. fletcher sat with aunt jenni and before i could look over, he was asleep. he stayed that way until we left. brynlee on the other hand, was all over the place and made the rounds. 
aunt jenni was a good pillow
making faces with cousin jake
playing with cousin eli
rolling on the floor with pops
gg glo and uncle dave think i'm cute

that's it. a long, fun, eventful easter weekend filled with family. hope yours was just as fun. 

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