A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, April 9, 2012

egg dying extravaganza

in preparation for easter, the kids and i headed over to marshalltown for our annual egg dying extravaganza with angie and payton.  after the past two years of forgetting things, and not having all the supplies we needed, angie and i planned about two weeks in advance. she was getting the pizza and cookie dough and i was bringing the eggs, dye, and vinegar. we arrived and after the kids got into their easter baskets from one another we soon belly-up'd to the table for some papa murphy's pizza. 

as soon as we were done eating, i got the cups and dye tablets going. angie put out the newspaper, because one of the littles always makes a mess and we were on out way to dying eggs. fletcher was thrilled. payton had a mild meltdown before realizing she liked to dye eggs, and brynlee just took it all in...after dumping the orange dye all over herself. 

it was a good time. angie and i got to catch up. the kids ran and played hide-n-seek in the curtains, and relay's life was threatened a few times for licking my toes and breathing nasty dog breath in my face. i'm already looking forward to next year's egg dying extravaganza. 

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  1. You got some good pics!! Did the one of Fletcher and Payton hugging turn out?