A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

warm winter

 this year we've had a very mild winter so far. very little snow and above freezing temperatures are not usual around these parts. last week, we enjoyed three record setting days of 60 degrees or higher. it called for some outside play from the littles. although it was warm out, they were still bundled up because the shade in our driveway makes it much cooler.

over the weekend, we were suppose to get the winter weather we are used to getting in december, however, it missed us completely. we were suppose to get freezing rain and then 6-10 inches between friday night to saturday night. it started snowing about 830am and was pretty light for a the first 20minutes. once it picked up, it was snowing huge flakes and it was almost completely white out because there was so much snow. it only snowed for a little over an hour and covered the ground, but the temperature was 34 degrees, so it wouldn't be sticking around. 
later that afternoon, my mom called to ask about our snow accumulation, only to tell her that it all had melted. she was shocked when i told her that and then she told me that they had about 6 inches and it was still snowing. this makes me so sad that we ended up with none. hopefully it is still around this weekend so little boy can play in it. 

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  1. SO funny... it was 50 yesterday and I told G it was too cold for outside. I can't imagine!