A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, January 23, 2012

one more month

my baby is going to be one! this makes me sad, but, i'm having fun trying to plan her birthday party.
here's the monthly update on my 11 month old...and a few weeks at the time of posting.

brynlee is still a pretty happy baby. she likes to be in the action of things. lately, she loves to be held and does NOT like to be put down unless she has something fun to play with in her hands. she recently became a fussy pants if i am out of sight. she's full of smiles if she knows she's not suppose to have something or is doing something naughty. she just looks at you and grins. she's been talking for a while now. mostly with the da-da, but has stretched to the ga-ga, some M and H sounds and she growls-super funny.

sleep has never been a strong point for the girl. she had been sleeping through the night, but the last three weeks, she has been waking in the night at different times...thank you teething and ear infection. she usually goes down for bed around 8pm and would when she wakes, i go get her and put her in bed with us. its easier that way, however, adam and i don't get much sleep when she's in bed with us. she likes to take a morning snooze around 10am that only lasts about 30-45 minutes and then won't take a longer nap until 3pm. i am currently trying to get rid of the morning snooze so she will nap the same time the boys do, and sleep for a longer period of time.

she loves food. baby girl has been off of baby food for about 2-3 months. she pretty much eats what the other three of us eat. she loves bread and cheese. not a huge fan of meats or veggies but will eat them and usually eats most fruit placed in front of her. she has a 5oz. bottle in the morning and afternoon and at bedtime she gets an 8oz bottle. she has been getting a multivitamin with iron supplement in her morning bottle because she doesn't get as much formula as she's suppose to be getting-she'll continue getting it once she switches to milk. she gets a sippy cup of water or way diluted juice and snacks a few times a day. she's good enough drinking out of her sippy that when the current can of formula is gone, so are the bottles.

playtime is all the time around here. she loves anything that isn't a toy or isn't hers. magazines and empty water bottles are favorites. she loves her brother's fisher-price farm and his trio blocks. when i make supper in the evenings, she gets put in the jumperoo and seems to enjoy it again. if i need to get things done around the house and she's not content 'playing' she gets put in the walker and she roams around the house. when we go outside, she also goes in the walker and i can contain her that way without having to hold her or by putting her in the stroller. she likes the freedom to roam on her own.

she now has 4 teeth.
her hair is coming in pretty thick, like mine and adam's.
she has mastered going up stairs.
she wants to play with my phone, the computer and the remote all.the.time.
she can climb onto the ottoman and couch if she has a 'step' to get a little higher.
she hates headbands. and will let me put a barrette in her hair for a few minutes before she pulls it out.
wearing mostly 12 month clothes, but some pants are too small because the girl's got a butt.
preparing to be one-trying hard to walk by her first birthday. she's oh so close.
loves her brother. wrestling with him, climbing on him, making him mad, stealing his toys. being a baby sister.

and because we had to make a trip to the doctor last week, i have accurate weight.
height- 28in.
weight- 20lbs 12 oz.
head- 46cm.

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