A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, December 15, 2011

our new visitor

on black friday, i went to target, specifically for two things: a cabbage patch and the leapfrog toy phone. i walked passed the electronics (where the books are located) and the elf on the shelf was sitting right there. it was calling my name. i contemplated it. it was in my hands. it was back on the shelf. i walked away. then i walked back. i walked out of the store with one. i got home and was so excited to read the book to fletcher and to give our new friend a name. the whole time i was reading the story, fletcher seemed very into it. adam and i explained to him that he can't touch our new friend, but he can talk to him and that he will leave to tell santa if he's been good or bad. anyway, when it was time to name our elf, fletcher had been saying something that sounded like 'gus' so that's the name that was given. i think gus fits our smirky-smiled guy in red.

i'm not the best at moving him at night, so gus usually goes to santa during naptime and comes back in a new place by the time fletcher gets up.  fletcher has a fun time searching for him. when daycare boy's mom comes, she asks fletcher where gus is. she even tries to find him. look at these crazy places he's been found.

i'm so excited about starting this new tradition with our kids. i have tons of memories of christmas traditions with my family growing up and i hope that gus will give my kids memories that they'll be sharing with their kids when they are my age. 

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