A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

meal planning monday-wk 34

monday-frozen pizza
tuesday-breakfast for supper
wednesday-lasagna and garlic bread
thursday-tater tot casserole
friday-adam's work christmas party...free drinks for the evening!

i'm a bit disappointed in the last post...darn pictures aren't showing. i've fiddled a few times and i don't know why. maybe it's because they are from my phone, or maybe because i'm a moron and don't know how to get them on her the right way. i'm going with the first reason. anywho...great weekend of birthday celebrations. friday night i had a friend meet at my parents' house and she joined us for supper. saturday i went shopping and spent tons of money i don't have. i scratched a few more kids off the christmas list. that evening, adam and i headed out to my favorite beer and pizza joint to meet up with a friend and my sister and brother-in-law. i had such a great time that my head was hurting on sunday morning. a big thanks to my parents for watching my kids, and for getting up with baby girl in the middle of the night so i didn't have to.

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  1. Ps. have I mentioned how impressed I am with you? 1. The meal planning.
    2. Being clever enough to have your parents live close :)